Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random 5

1. On Thursday night Brynne competed (for the third year) in the Junior Miss Septemberfest pageant in our little town. She loves this event that gives her a chance to hang up her sports equipment and dress up like a lady. We spent the afternoon getting her the Diva Package at Kyndal's cosmetology school which consisted of an updo, makeup, and nail polish. She looked absolutely beautiful and Kyndal did a fantastic job!

Each year Brynne has improved in the pageant. This year you could see so much more confidence in her, and we really worked on her interviewing skills. And it paid off! She was awarded First Runnerup! She was so thrilled and we were all so proud of her! I think the crown is hers next year!

2. My kiddos all got over a nasty virus about a week ago and now the big kids all have a different one! Kyndal, Collin, Dawson and Taylar (and several of their friends) have all had a horrible virus this week that has the same symptoms as strep throat. I hope this is not indicative of how our winter is going to be in the health department!

3. Rick and I are painting Eli's room this weekend (finally) because we are kicking him out of it. Well, actually we are trading rooms with him. When we moved into this house two years ago, Eli and Brynne were still sharing a room so we gave them the large bedroom and took the smaller one on the main level. A few months ago we made Brynne her own bedroom in the basement. Rick and I are desperately wanting our uber comfortable king-sized bed here in Missouri, but it won't fit in our current room. So, we are going to switch bedrooms with Eli. Step one is to paint.

4. Look at these Birkenstocks! I am not one who typically has a need to buy name brand items. I am cheap and I buy cheap. But I have been looking for the perfect black flipflop for about 3 years. And since I heard that Birkenstocks are back in, I did a little search on Zappos to see what they have available. Love. I don't love the price, but I would seriously wear these for probably the next 10 years.

5. And something else about Brynne. Volleyball season has started. Is it just me or is my child the only one in the world who has grown up exponentially this past year? When I watch her play I am in awe at how much she has matured and improved. Last year she was brand new to sports. This year there is such control and determination in her play. I am just so proud of her (and all my kids).

Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Back to School! {Prairie Primer: Big Woods Week 1}

I am super excited to be back to our regular school days, especially since I decided to change up our style back to the way we used to do things. We are using Prairie Primer this year and are going to completely immerse ourselves in it! The kids are thrilled to not be strapped to the dining room chairs all day but, instead, to be roaming through the house from one project to another. Our first week back was enriching and I couldn't have been happier with the results. I had happy kids who learned a lot.

Reading and Watching

The first book we are reading is Little House in the Big Woods. We read the first four chapters this week. We used The World of Little House by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Eriksson which has drawn floor plans of all the houses the Ingalls lived in, so we could visualize their cabin. Everyday we are watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie, starting with Season 1. I am hoping that watching the television show doesn't completely mess up their little minds because it doesn't line up with the books. But I just can't stand not watching it!! My childhood is coming back to me! And now the kids are seriously hooked!

Grrrr ....

We spent a good portion of the day Monday learning all about Grizzlies. We watched a video on Youtube called "Grizzly River". Then we read the book Grizzly Bears by Molly Kolpin. I handed each of the kids a Web Report worksheet and a picture of a grizzly. While we were watching the video and reading the book I had the kids stop me if they heard an interesting fact they would like to attach to their web. This was greeted with great interest, even from Eli, my reluctant writer! (He didn't even realize that he was writing a report!)

Fact report on Grizzly Bears

Another day the story mentioned a panther so we looked at pictures of them on the internet and discussed which zoos we know of that have them. Since Jack was a brindle bulldog in the Little House stories, we looked at pictures of them on the internet and talked about Taylar's boxer, Piper, who is a brindle.

Whooooo Is It?

We got to revisit our study of owls by reading The Life Cycle of an Owl by Ruth Thomson. We have done owl pellets a couple of times in the past so we just talked about our past experiences. But then we did a little activity to demonstrate why owls need to turn their heads all the way around to look at things. They do not have peripheral vision. The blinders I made with a headband and two strips cut from a manila folder demonstrated that just fine.

How Dense Were They?

We studied density in preparation of reading about the butter making process used by Ma. We made a density rainbow using honey, corn syrup, dishwashing liquid, water, vegetable oil, and rubbing alcohol. This brought on some oohs and aahs.

Let There Be Light

Laura saw different colors in the flames of her fireplace. We explored how this could be by watching Bill Nye: The Science Guy Lights and Colours and doing an experiment called Release the Rainbow. I even learned some new things about absorbing and reflecting light.


We made homemade butter using the recipe from The Little House Cookbook by Barbara M. Walker. Thankfully we didn't have to spend an entire day churning enough for the next week like Ma and the girls had to do. We were able to shake our jar for about 15 minutes, while watching a video on cleaning a frontier rifle, and produce a full cup of butter. Wow! It tasted great! We even tinted it yellow with grated carrots cooked in milk. I am not sure I will ever eat store-bought margarine again.

Is That Dog Mad?

And I don't mean angry. We had an opportunity to learn about rabies. We read Rabies by Lorrie Klosterman, watched Rabies! by the American Veterinary Medical Association on Youtube, and did a Fact sheet about rabies. We started reading some books about Louis Pasteur, as well. We wrapped up our study of rabies by watching Old Yeller. Oh my, I forgot how sad that movie was. There were definitely some tears .. and the kids were pretty upset, too. To drown our sorrows we ate some homemade popcorn balls with molasses we made using the The Little House Cookbook. We were not fans. We should have used some good ol' melted caramel!

Fact reports on Rabies

Math and Grammar and Writing, Oh My!

As wonderful as Prairie Primer is, it does not cover math, grammar or writing. We have moved onto Math U See Delta this year and did the first five lessons this week. We did a lot of division last year so we just did these lessons as a refresher. We did learn about perpendicular and parallel lines which was a new concept.

For Grammar we are reviewing a product for the Schoolhouse Review crew from the Institute for Excellence in Writing called Fix-it Grammar. So far so good. It's a neat concept!

And writing will be a slow process for us this year with WriteShop because our days are so jam packed! I had lessons scheduled every day but we didn't get to any of them this week because we just ran out of time. I absolutely refuse to put in more than 6 hours of schoolwork a day. When we hit 4:00 p.m. we are done, regardless of whether we have completed everything.

And that was our week. We were busy, busy, busy, and go so much accomplished! I was thrilled with the attitudes of my kids and their excitement level in regard to our curriculum choices. It truly is going to be a fantastic year!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Schedule" is the Name of the Game - A Day in the Life

Monday we started our 5th year of homeschooling. 5th year! It hardly seems possible that what started as a response to a desperate plea from a struggling 7th grade boy to help him with social struggles has turned into a way of life. I can't imagine our life without homeschooling.

Summers and breaks are great! We relax to the max and really recharge. However, not having a schedule wrecks havoc on my ability to get anything done. Although I cherish the time off, I feel so much better physically and mentally when we have a schedule.

So here's what will typically be happening in the Taulman home on Monday through Friday ...

6:00 a.m. - Mom's alarm goes off. The dogs are more enthusiastic than I am to jump out of bed, but I do it anyway to take them potty and grab a cup of chamomile tea. The three of us climb back into bed and I spend some time in Bible study. At this time I am reading Living So That by Wendy Blight.

6:30 a.m. - I get up and get dressed in workout clothes for my date with Gilad. He and I meet in the living room, with a few of his friends, and complete one of his DVR'd "Body Sculpt" workouts.

7:00 a.m. - I sit down with my computer to check in with my friend Jodi (my accountability partner) and browse through my e-mail and Blogger feed. Dawson gets up about this time to get ready for school. He leaves at 7:30 a.m.

7:15 a.m. - Macie shows up. I get her settled watching a show and then I resume working on the computer.

7:30 - 7:45 a.m. - I jump in the shower and get ready for the day, make my bed, etc.

8:30 a.m. - I wake up the grizzly bears, er ... Eli and Brynne, to get them slowly moving into their day. They have breakfast and try to wake up. I start my household chore of the day. Here is my schedule:
  • Mounds of Laundry and Mop it Monday (laundry, vacuuming, mopping)
  • Toilets Tuesday (clean the bathroom)
  • Wipe it Wednesday (dust)
  • Tidy Up Thursday (put things back where they belong)
  • Finish up Laundry and Floors Friday (redo of Monday)
9:00 a.m. - Macie and I do her schoolwork. We are doing a page of Handwriting Without Tears, learning a letter of the week (worksheet from HWT) and reading phonics books for the letter of the week.

9:30 a.m. - Eli and Brynne get dressed, brush teeth, and fix hair.

10:00 a.m. - It's time for school! We sit down at the dining room table for our Bible time. Then we move into the living room to watch an episode of CNN Student News on the computer (the now) before we launch into our reading of our current Little House book and start on our Prairie Primer study (the then). This has us spreading out all over the house depending on what we are doing at the time. We could be reading, watching a video, writing in our vocabulary or Bible journals, doing a science experiment or doing a project for social studies.

11:45 a.m. - The kids each read for 15 minutes while I fix lunch. Macie goes home.

12:00 p.m. - LUNCH BREAK!! The kids usually eat a quick lunch and then play, work on crafts, or build with legos.

1:00 p.m. - We do math, grammar, and then finish any of our Prairie Primer activities. I intended for us to also work on our writing course during this time, as well, but the 3:00 p.m. activity has seemed to take it's place for now.

3:00 p.m. - We snuggle up on the couch or on my bed to watch an episode of Little House on the Prairie. This has become our favorite time of the day. The kids are absolutely LOVING this show and it is bringing back some fond memories of my family watching it together on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. I remember that when Pa cried, my dad cried. And when my dad cried, we all cried. I have been teary at the end of each episode we have watched this week. And, man, I had forgotten all of the character lessons built into one episode. The history is fantastic. It's just great!

Dawson gets out of school around this time, also, and arrives soon. He is usually starving and ready to go upstairs to play video games or take a nap.

3:45 p.m. - The kids read for another 15 minutes.

4:00 p.m. - The end of our school day. I get us all cleaned up and the kids pretty much evaporate. I don't see them again until around dinner time. To be honest, sometimes I lay down on the couch when I am done cleaning up and take a 30 minute power nap. I am usually exhausted after a day of teaching!

4:30 p.m. - Time to get back up and thinking about dinner prep.

5:30 p.m. - We either eat now, or later if Brynne has volleyball practice. If she has a game, we eat around her games. If it's a volleyball night, you can scratch my nap. There just isn't time.

The rest of the evening is for kitchen cleanup, house tidying, t.v. watching, hanging out, playing board games, reading, playing, etc. At some point Brynne and I usually go for a run or a ride bike. We are back home to take showers by 8:00 p.m. or so.

8:30 p.m. - The kids go to bed.

9:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. - I go to bed and read.

10:30 p.m. (at the latest) - Lights out! Tomorrow will be here all too soon!

Our days are all pretty much the same. The only real differences are on Thursdays when have art co-op from 12:30 - 2:30 and then gardening class at the library from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. On Fridays we only do Math and get caught up on any Prairie Primer activities we didn't get completed during the week. It's also time to get our house cleaned and back in order to welcome daddy home from work for the weekend. We get in some practical skills study and, sometimes, a trip to "town" to get groceries.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Random 5

1. Last Sunday through Wednesday we went to my parents' lake house with our best friends from Oklahoma. They are a homeschooling family with two daughters Eli and Brynne's ages. Megan and I are both using Prairie Primer as our spine curriculum this year so we did some brainstorming, shared resources, and discussed possible field trips. When we weren't planning we were watching the kids play board games or swim, reading, and drinking wine. The kids had so much fun with their friends. We miss them desperately! Over the course of the weekend I only took one picture (well, actually 2 but you will read about the other one in a minute). It was such a great weekend that really helped to get us ready to start school today.

2. While sitting on the back deck of the lake house I noticed a wasp fly up into the base of the ceiling fan above the patio table. Thinking there must be a nest up there, I grabbed the Raid and shot up into the base. I blasted the holes that the wasp crawled into and wasps just started falling out dying. I kept spraying and spraying. All total 35 wasps fell out of that hole and died. I am thankful I didn't end up with 35 wasp stings!

3. I mentioned on my blog last week that I have always wanted to order a Mood Designer Fabrics canvas tote like the ones they use on Project Runway. Well my husband read that and immediately ordered me one as a surprise. It came on Saturday. I love it! And could that be anymore thoughtful? Dawson came downstairs and saw it and said, "So you finally got a Mood bag? You've just wanted one of those forever."

4. When we got back from the lake I received a phone call from a local homeschooling mom inviting me and the kids to a weekly art co-op with four other families. I couldn't believe it when she told me that the class was going to a Little House on the Prairie theme! I love when things work out like that. We went for the first time this past Thursday and the kids really enjoyed it! We will be doing drawing and pioneer activities.

5. Eli has always had a real issue with getting his hair cut. When he was a little guy our hairdresser would literally have to cut his hair with his head under my armpit while he cried and cried. We would make his appointment for first thing in the morning so there wasn't a salon full of people. In the past few years a haircut has upset him so bad that he might hyperventilate by the end of it. When Kyndal started doing hair he calmed right down and let her cut his hair without any problems, as long as she did not use the "buzzy things"! She would have to scissor cut his whole head of hair, no matter how short he wanted it. But this week Collin took him to get his hair cut and I received this photo in a text from Collin ...

Kyndal convinced him to cut his hair with the clippers and he was a champ! They were both all smiles when it was over.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Students 2014-2015

Our new school year officially starts on Monday, although we have been logging quality hours all summer. So, it's time to meet the students!


This girl only has four weeks left of cosmetology school before she graduates and starts working in the real world. This has been a big year for her as she has gotten engaged, purchased a home, and secured her first job at a salon.

Kyndal and her fiance, Collin


I already posted pictures of Dawson's first day of school. He is a senior this year at our local high school. And he is already ready for the year to be over so he can move on with his future. After school he plans to attend a nearby community college while living at home for free (both living at home and school are free ... because he earned an A+ scholarship for school ... and he gets to live at home for free because he's so darn cute) and major in Construction Technology. He plans to go part-time so that he can work as full-time as possible to save money for a house while going to school.

Dawson and his girlfriend, Taylar


Eli is a 4th/5th grader this year. That means that we will start our year solidifying our 4th grade concepts and will promote to 5th grade in January. Over the summer we took a trip to Legoland in San Diego, California, and the set of the Lego Movie totally inspired him to build his own Bricksburg in our basement. So, at this time, he is obsessed with Legos. We are hoping to start a small Lego club at our house soon. Bowling season starts in October so he will start working toward state tournament. Remember that his team won first in state last year and he won 5th in state in individuals? He has some major goals this year.


Brynne is also a 4th/5th grader. Her current passions include board games and coloring. She is also working hard on her nutrition and exercising, running with me about three days a week and riding bikes. Volleyball season starts on Monday, so she will be consumed with that until .... basketball which will consume her until .... softball ... and so on. She will also be rejoining her state championship bowling team. You could say this one keeps me busy. Brynne loves school so she is ready to get started on our lessons.


My friend's daughter will be joining us for school this year. She will be turning 5 soon and will be doing preschool with us in the mornings. We have plans to work on writing, letter sounds and the alphabet, and hopefully some reading soon. She will also join us in our Prairie Primer activities.

[No picture of Macie, yet. I haven't asked her mom for permission to post photos of her on the blog.]

Crusoe, Chloe, Buck and Quincy

These guys (and gal) will be joining us each day for dog school. Kyndal drops Chloe off each day on her way to school and she will be here while her mommy works. Their current study includes eating treats, barking at every falling leaf outside, terrorizing the mailman, and napping ... lots of napping. Their favorite subject is reading because they all get to pile on the couch with us.

Clockwise: Crusoe, Chloe, Quincy, Buck

Rick and Nicole

We are the principal and teacher. My job is to plan and teach. Rick's job is to support us (emotionally ... yeah, okay, and financially) and be my library courier. I order books from the Tulsa library and he picks them up when he comes home for the weekends and drops them back off when he goes back for work. We are a good team!

And this is us. We are looking forward to a great school year!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

N, O, P ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet (Favorites Edition)

Ben and Me

I fell behind on my Blogging Through the Alphabet posts. Vacations and tons of family activities have been my daily blogging subjects instead. So, I am going to get all caught up in one post.

N is for Naps

Now that I don't drink coffee, naps have moved up as my number one favorite thing. When I was younger I had to get in comfies, under the covers with the drapes pulled, and turn on a fan to settle in for at least a two hour nap. Anything less than that just wasn't worth it. And Rick and I used to talk about how stressed I was about dying and being in Heaven because I probably wouldn't get naps if I was singing the Hallelujah Chorus all the time. Now that I am older, I don't care as much for the long naps but prefer power naps. I love to lay down on the couch for about 30 minutes in the afternoon, close my eyes, and just rest. I doze off and sleep peacefully and when I wake up I am ready to fix dinner and continue on with the evening. I don't nap every day, but I wish I could.

O is for Order 

In order for me to live peacefully (and most especially for those around me to live peacefully), I must have order. I don't do well with nilly willy days and I cannot stand things strewn about. Now, let me clarify. I am a piler. I have piles on my desk, in the kitchen, in my bedroom. These are not hoarders kinds of piles, but small piles nonetheless. And I know exactly what is in them. And I want them to be stacked as neatly as possible in an orderly way on the surface. I have to have my pillows on my couch in their "spots" and I put them that way about 100 times a day. I like to do the same thing at the same time every day. I wouldn't call it OCD because I can function when things are not the way I want them. It just kind of drives me batty.

I did not say I was a clean freak, because I am not. I clean until things are orderly and then I am satisfied. This means there is dog hair still under the couch, that my stove is crusted with yuck, and I need to scrub my bathtub. But if you just walked into the room, you would feel order and you would believe it was clean! It's all trickery!

I am also not organized. Being orderly and being organized are two completely different things. Please do not ever open my closets or cabinets, especially if you like things organized. If things are stuffed in there not falling out and can be closed behind a door, all is good. Plus Rick is organized. So as long as he is organized, I can rely on him and I don't need to be.

P is for Project Runway

Project Runway is my favorite television show to watch out of all television shows. I love the creativity. I love the personalities of the contestants. I love the fashion. But most of all I love Tim Gunn. I have said it before and I will say it again ... if you ever want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on me, I would like to spend a day with Tim Gunn. I also want a Mood canvas tote. I keep thinking I am going to order one from the Mood site but never do. I don't even know if you can buy them anymore. I don't even sew, but I think the bags are cool.

So how is that for random??

You won't hear from me for a few days as the little kids and I are headed to the lake with our best friends from Oklahoma. This will be our last hoorah before we start back to school a week from today. I must say that I am now ready to get back to school so that we have more order around here.

I need to get off of here so that I can finish watching Project Runway from last week. And I might even have time to take a little nap before we leave.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Clear the Dishes, It's Time for School!

Homeschool Classrooms

We do not have a designated school room. Even if we had a room we could use, we wouldn't. We just aren't happy unless we have made a mess from one end of the house to the other. Our dining room is in the center of the house with our kitchen on one side and our living room on the other. We like to do our school work at the dining room table, on the couch, in the sitting room, or in the kitchen. Life is school and we don't like being closed off.

You have seen these pictures before because things rarely change around here. (I don't like change.) A couple of things have moved around, but that's it.

We start our day here, at the dining room table. I put our whiteboard in the corner by the windows  (not in the picture) and we do the majority of our bookwork and artwork here. We use clipboards because the tile on our table is a rough surface when writing. We just grab our supply caddy and books and get going. We usually start with a nice cup of hot tea.

My desk and shelves, that hold all our supplies, are in the room with us.

Top shelf: cameras and electronic supplies (cords, etc.), tray for completed papers
Second shelf from top: Books and binders we use often but not everyday, my planner
Middle shelf: All of the books we use every day (see how we have simplified?)
Second shelf from bottom: Bible, nature, and science notebooks, extra copy paper
Bottom shelf: MUS manipulatives, supply caddy we take to the table, clipboards

I got a new laser printer this year (I feel like a pro now). I use our printer/copier every single day. I got tired of paying for a color cartridge on my Kodak inkjet when I was always using grayscale, and then it broke (darn). So I bought a monochrome-only Canon laser printer/copier/scanner. I am in love. It's a little bigger than my inkjet so I moved it over to the antique sewing table. I like it much better there. We have a few more daily supplies there and the kids' Bibles.

When we are ready to watch a video or play a game, to do independent reading, or to do work on the couch with our clipboards when we are feeling tired or under the weather, we retreat to the attached living room.

When we do our read a loads we usually move a few more feet into the sitting room. We can all sit on the love seat together and the dogs have room to lay with us on the footstool. We just pile all up together.

We have our globe in here and all of our library books. We light a candle or our wax warmer so it's fragrant and relaxing.

We are able to live in our home with our school items all around us but still feel like it's our home. So where are all the messy miscellaneous supplies? In the hall closet. Our hall closet is lined with shelves. I have all of our junk hidden behind the closed door, and this is also where I store our whiteboard on Friday afternoons when we are done with school for the weekend. It's kind of a mess, but that's why it's behind a closed door!

I mentioned the kitchen. We are in and out of there all day getting drinks and snacks and fixing meals. We like to try to incorporate cooking into our studies, and will be doing a lot of it with Prairie Primer this year, so our kitchen gets a workout.

Thanks for stopping by our schoolroom when it is actually clean. In fact, I just organized everything today so we are feeling ready to go in a week from Monday when we officially start!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1. I'm not going to lie .. it's pretty great to be told by my 17 year old son that I am his best friend, that if Taylar ended up like me that he would be happy, and that he would marry me if he could (in jest, of course.) There's something awesome about your teenager actually liking you.

2. My kids are all in the phases of a rotten summer cold. Eli has a sore throat and stuffy nose (the first phase). Brynne has a stuffy nose and is coughing (the second phase). And Dawson is coughing like a maniac (hopefully the last phase). They are all feeling pretty cruddy.

3. I started playing tennis this week with three good friends. I am certainly not a natural, but I learned quick and did okay. It was a lot of fun and great exercise!! I am really looking forward to our next match!

4. Dawson started back to school this week. He is now a senior in high school. Where, oh where, has the time gone. I mean seriously. I just love how individual he is. He is quirky and fun (see the Spiderman backpack?) and I can't believe this is his last year of high school. Oh, and that cute girl with him is Taylar. She's pretty awesome, too.

5. I decided I needed a serious change to my hair. So Kyndal cut it into a short bob, that I will more than likely wear naturally curly most of the time, and colored it to my natural color with highlights. She does such great work. I love it! So fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Husband and Wife Time

At the end of this nutty past couple of weeks, Rick and I went away for some Husband and Wife time on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate our anniversary that was in June. I didn't realize how much we needed this time away until we were alone. It was amazing! It didn't take but just a few minutes of devoted time with him for me to remember exactly why I love him so much. It was a perfect getaway!

Rick planned the trip and wouldn't tell anybody where we were going. First we stopped and had lunch. Then we went to Kansas City, Kansas, to a hotel and spa called Chateau Avalon.

Each of the rooms were themed and we stayed in the Hemingway Room. It had a luxurious bed and furnishings, a mood-enhancing fireplace, and a separate step up bathtub/shower/spa room. It was heaven!

Once we checked in we grabbed some drinks at the bar and went out to sit in the porch swing overlooking the fountain. We just spent time together and talked and held hands.

Then we went back to our room to relax. We didn't even turn on the t.v. We just talked and ate a light dinner that we bought on our way to the hotel of grapes, cheeses and crackers.

Then Rick whisked me off to my 90 minute massage that he had scheduled for me. Oh. my. gosh. I came back to the room, feeling like a noodle, and had a spa bubble bath before bed. Holy moly talk about relaxing!

(Um, yeah. No pictures of that to share.)

And the next morning they delivered us breakfast in bed! The food was just okay but when is the last time you had breakfast in bed with your spouse, prepared by someone else? Have I mentioned this place was heaven?

We stayed until the moment they forced us to check out and then made the drive back home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and more connected than we have been in a long time. We are planning on revisiting the Chateau Avalon next year.

This little trip reminded me why it is so important to make special time to be alone with your spouse. It is so easy to get caught up in being Mom and Dad that we forget to be Husband and Wife. I am terrible about that. It is especially difficult for us with Rick living out of state during the week. When he is here the kids pounce on him and want his attention and I am ready for a little break from the full daily responsibility of being Mom. With money being tight, our time together is easy to put on the back burner. But I don't want it to be that way anymore. The investment in our marriage is worth it! I love my husband and I know he loves me and we enjoy spending time alone together. We just need to do it more.

Thank you, babe, for a wonderful couple of days away with you. I am looking forward to the next time we can do that!!