Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge ~ Simple Woman's Daybook

There is no Wednesday Hodgepodge prompts this week as the host is taking a week off. Since I am used to doing some thinking on Wednesday mornings, I thought I would reprise an old favorite .. Simple Woman's Daybook. I haven't participated in this link-up for years, so I thought I would join today just for fun.

For today ... Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Outside my window ... the birds are loudly chirping. I need to get out and refill their feeders today. It is also sun-shiny and beautiful.

I am thinking ... that this is going to be one of those days where I keep stepping outside for a few minutes here and there enjoying the day. I have lots of little things I can do, like sweep, fill the feeders, water bushes, etc.

I am thankful ... for the life I have and the husband who provides it for me. Very thankful.

I am wearing ... (no surprise here) my jammies, robe, and slippers. In a few minutes I'll get up and put on my workout clothes. No getting dressed up today because it's a running day and nothing to do outside the house except for softball practice this evening.

I am creating ... nothing this week as I just finished Kyndal's bridal shower that was this past weekend. I did lots of creating for that. I am taking a break for a couple of weeks when we have Dawson's graduation lunch and then Kyndal's bachelorette party. I have some creating to do for those events, but they are both surprises so I can't share.

I am going ... to run in my first 5K this Saturday. I am really excited for it!! Then Rick and I are coming home and playing in a golf tournament. Let me clarify here. It's a two-person scramble which means you use the best ball. Since I cannot hit the ball at all, Rick is really playing in a golf tournament and I am coming along as a companion and to drink a few beers. But there is a fish fry afterward so that will be awesome!

I am wondering ... why Buck (one of our Chi Poo dogs) was scared all day yesterday and last night. He acted terrified all day, like he was hearing something. He would climb up my legs wanting to be held or all up around my neck if I was sitting and was shaking. He seemed to calm down when he went outside. Even at 1:00 this morning he was climbing all over me shaking. After I took him potty he slept pressed up right against me the rest of the night. Today he seems fine. I have no idea.

I am reading ... Serena by Ron Rash. Or, I am attempting to read it for the third time. I haven't gotten into it this time yet, either. It's not necessarily the book's fault, I'm just in a reading slump right now. I will pick back up once we conclude school next week.

I am hoping ... that my friend and I can start a new Bible study together soon. I really enjoyed our last Beth Moore study and the accountability it gave me in getting into the Word daily.

I am learning ... that I operate best with a sleep schedule of 10:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. with about a 20 minute power nap at about 4:00 p.m., that I need exercise every day, that I crave water, and that I don't need carbs to survive like I  once did. These are all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!

In my garden ... blech, my garden. All I can say is that the raspberry bushes I planted a couple of weeks ago are thriving. I haven't planted my garden yet and, frankly, it is a total mess right now! I need to spend a full day out there.

In my kitchen ... is a glorious pot of hazelnut coffee calling me for another cup.

In the homeschool room ... ohhhhhh, we are dangerously close to concluding our school year! This week we are finishing our current read aloud, finishing our personal books, finishing this season of Little House on the Prairie, finishing our current weekly grammar lesson, and doing some research and notebooking review of the journey westward and of the state of Missouri. Friday is our last day and we are going on a field trip!

A favorite quote for today ...

A peek into one of my days ... This time of year means grabbing the bike instead of the keys to the car.

One of my favorite things ... A day with nothing on the schedule! I don't have many of those so I cherish them when I do, and I don't like anybody to interrupt them.

From the board room ... I am not a Pinterest addict, but I do go to it to search for ideas for particular things. Right now I am pinning possible beach wedding photo ideas since Kyndal and Collin are getting married on the beach in Cozumel next month. We will have a photographer for an hour, but I am looking for fun shots for me to take.

Photo Credit

Post Script ... What is your Fitness Personality? This is a fun quiz. It pegged me exactly.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat

Right now is the perfect time to ....

share photos from Kyndal's bridal shower this past weekend. We had such a nice time celebrating our girl as she gets ever closer to become a bride. Kyndal and Collin are getting married in a family ceremony on May 22nd to make it legal. But then we are going to Cozumel, Mexico, for the official wedding on the beach on May 26th. It is going to be a beautiful time of celebration!

At the shower we had a Recipe Station where we asked all of her guests to bring their favorite recipe. She received several kitchen items and a personalized recipe box.

We had quite a spread of food with various rollups, fruits, cheeses, veggies, and lemon buddies.

The cake was made by her future cousin-in-law.

We played a few fun games. Each lady received a ring when they arrived and were instructed to take the ring of anyone who said "Kyndal", "Collin" or "Wedding" throughout the shower. That got interesting as we were doing introductions! Then while eating we played a game of Purse Hunt. I called out items worth various points and if the ladies had that item in their purse they received the points. The one with the most points won. The last game was a lingerie-making game with nothing but toilet paper and a two-inch piece of tape. So fun!!

It was just a nice day for Kyndal in the midst of all of the stresses of the wedding. I love my girl so much and am so excited for her future!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Workout Success

Oh, working out. It's that thing that we get inspired to do and do it for about 4 days and then give up. We wait a little while longer and get re-inspired and start the cycle all over again. It's hard to choose when to work out. It's hard to work out when it's cold and when it's hot. Do I workout indoors or outdoors, join a gym, run, what? Many of us, and I mean me, have great intentions but have an extremely difficult time with the follow-through. Am I speaking to anyone here?

The turn of the new year brought me new motivation to lose some weight and get into shape. January 1st does that to many people. Plus I knew Kyndal's wedding was going to be this summer so that gave me half a year to accomplish my goal. What was my goal? To lose 11 pounds and be in shape.

I started tracking my calories and doing Tae Bo on a dvd several mornings a week. Up until mid-March I had lost about 4 pounds. I thought I was getting into pretty good shape .... until I ordered the 21 Day Fix and realized that I wasn't. I was in a comfortable plateau.

Kyndal and I decided to get serious. Of course it helped that Spring weather arrived and we started becoming more active, in general. And she moved her wedding date up almost two months so I now had only two months to accomplish the rest of my goal.

I have been successful, but it has been a slow learning process. As of last week (Weigh-in Wednesday), I have now lost 8.4 pounds of the 11 pounds I wanted to lose and I can say that I am in much better shape. Actually, I am feeling and looking pretty darned good, if I do say so myself. I won't be terrified to put on a bikini on the beach next month.

How have I been successful? I want to share a few things with you that have worked for me and have turned this working out thing into a lifestyle change instead of a way to lose weight (although losing weight sure is a bonus!):

Get a Partner

It is just too easy to let something else take the place of your workout if you are doing it alone. Kyndal and I workout together which holds us accountable. If she is not here when it's time to work out, I am texting her. If she didn't come I might not do it either.

Get on a Schedule

Working out does not have to happen first thing in the morning, but it does need to happen on a schedule or it becomes too wishy washy and an option instead of a necessity. Kyndal and I work out at 9:00 a.m. every morning. If you work outside the home you could meet your friend right after work or right after the kids go to bed or whatever. Pick a time and stick to it. If you find that you absolutely can't workout at that time, schedule the make-up time!

Workout in a Way You Enjoy!

If you are not enjoying your workout, you won't stick with it. Find what you enjoy! I do not enjoy working out in a gym. I do not enjoy walking on a treadmill. I do not enjoy yoga. I enjoy getting my heart rate up and doing body sculpting with light weights. I get bored easily. I do not want to workout for more than 30 minutes. I cannot stand an annoying instructor. I need something that challenges my body. The 21 Day Fix is the perfect workout program for me because it gives me those things and has a different routine every day. It's a quick 30 minutes, it covers my whole body throughout the week, and it's not annoying.

I also have found that I enjoy running, so I do that a few nights a week by myself. It gives me a different kind of workout, all endurance. I don't like to listen to music when I run. I don't like to run around the same circle over and over. So I have found a route through my town that is 3.1 miles and I listen to classic books on my phone. I enjoy it so I don't dread it and I don't talk myself out of it.

Track Your Calories ... Every Bite

You can exercise all you want but if you are eating whatever you want then you won't see results. For me I have to track every single bite I eat if I want to lose weight (or maintain my weight once I have lost it). It is so easy to do with My Fitness Pal. The app is even easier because you can scan the barcodes of your foods. You can also enter your own recipes. I track every bite I eat every single day. It holds me accountable and keeps me within proper portions. (Have you ever really paid attention to what is a single portion of a bowl of cereal??)

Watch Your Nutritional Values

I am one who does not believe in depriving your body of any nutritional values. You will not find me doing a no carb, no fat, no sugar, no grain, no "anything" diet. No. Our body needs healthy levels of all of those things. Each body is different, I understand, so we might need to adjust the actual amount our body needs. My weight comes up, and my pudginess around the middle, when I eat too many carbs. But I am not cutting carbs out of my diet! (Did you know that we need the glucose from carbs or our body sucks out the healthy protein? If you are working out, you need that protein!!) I have just determined a healthy percentage of carbs I need out of my total calories per day (I try to stay between 35-45%) and try to stick to it. How do I do it? Again, with My Fitness Pal. It does all of that for me when I input the foods that I eat. I can see how much fiber I am eating, carbs, protein, sodium, potassium, etc.

Keep Accurate Track of Calories Burned

With My Fitness Pal you earn calories to eat when you exercise. And I like to eat. But how many calories have I earned? My Fitness Pal estimates those for you based on your weight, height, type of exercise, how long you are working out, etc. But I like a more accurate determination. So I use an app called Cardiio that tracks my heart rate by the camera on my phone. I would really like a Fitbit to get even more accurate, but for now Cardiio fits my needs.

Take Before and After Photos and Measurements

Muscle weighs more than fat so when you work out you may not see real results on the scales. But if your jeans are fitting looser then you are making progress. Taking measurements and before/after photos gives you the incentive to keep going even if you don't see the progress you want on the scale.

I can't wait to see my Round 2 comparison photos. It's this round that I am really seeing and feeling the progress!
Round 1 of 21 Day Fix I lost 2.6 pounds and a total of 3 1/2 inches. It's subtle, but I can see it.

Get Some Cute Workout Clothes

Our philosophy in our home is "if you can't be good, look good". It's silly, but I workout better when I have on cute workout clothes. I just do. And you will too. I get mine at Walmart. I like the Danskin brand. They are cheap and cute. I run better in a Gotta Run shirt.

The last thing I want to say is YOU CAN DO IT! It's not all about losing weight, although I know for many it is. God has given each of us one body, the one that we have. We might have a fast metabolism or a slow one. I am naturally thin, thanks to good genetics. But I still have to work to have the best body I can have. I don't stay thin by eating whatever I want and sitting on my behind all the time. Eating healthy and working out is an absolute necessity, especially the older we get. But it's not something that we should do until we reach our "goal" and then quit. It needs to be a lifestyle change. If it feels good and makes us look good, we'll stick with it. Every once in awhile I have a cheeseburger or a loaded burrito. I indulge by going out to eat occasionally, and might even have a couple glasses of wine or a beer or two. I give myself a day off from exercising on Saturdays usually. But for the most part I have found that I feel better when I eat healthy and workout. I know that you will too. You just have to start and not stop.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up ~ We did ...

We did math ...

We did grammar ...

We read ...

We watched Brain Games ...

We read some more ...

We watched CNN Student News ...

We talked about issues of the past and the present ...

We ran, we rode bikes, we played softball, we played outside, we did some "parkour" at the park ...

We watched Little House on the Prairie ...

We watched our public school elementary's music production of "Go West" ...

And we read some more ...

Only one more week of school for us before our May break.

We. Are. Ready.

Random 5

1. Public schools are not preparing our kids for college, or anything else for that matter. Poor Taylar has just struggled through a research paper this past week (even getting it completely done to realize that it was zapped from her USB stick causing her to have to redo most of it). She has felt so unprepared in completing the specific requirements of an MLA styled paper. This is completely the teacher's fault. It's not that she taught it and the kids didn't pay attention. She didn't teach it and just said, "Do it." It sickens me. And, as an online college professor who has seen how poorly students write, it makes me realize how important good writing skills are and how in a year or two my kids will start to undergo rigorous training in good writing that will last all through high school. It is a necessity.

2. One of the most entertaining things in the world to me is when someone posts one of those philosophical quotes intended to be a slam against someone else, but it 100% describes the person posting it! It is truly hilarious to me! I just want to comment, "Dude, did you even read what you just posted?"

3. Speaking of those philosophical quotes .. this one is all about me. Excuse the potty language. But SO TRUE!! (Unfortunately for my house, and my family, I'm feeling in a pretty good mood this week.)

4. The 5K fever is hot! We run our Girls on the Run 5K (my first) on May 2nd. Taylar wants us to run a family Color Run on June 6th, so we are. I already told you about the Wipeout Run I am doing in August. And this week I am registering Rick, Eli, Brynne and I for a run at the Kansas City Zoo in September. It will be a 4 mile run for me and a 1 mile fun run for them. But we get a hot breakfast afterward and free admission to the zoo. Oh, and the t-shirts. I just love all the t-shirts!

5. My Kyndal's bridal shower is on Sunday. I hope that she has a glorious time and feels completely loved on! Less than a month until the family wedding ceremony. And 30 days until we are soaking in the Caribbean sun getting ready to watch it officially happen on the beach.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Curriculum Choices for 2015/2016 School Year

It's time to start talking curriculum for the 2015/2016 school year. This is always such an exciting time of year as you anticipate all you will learn in the next term.

We are not making a lot of changes in our curriculum choices because we have found a rhythm that really works for us. We know that we are a literature-based homeschool and have found essential courses that we enjoy and challenge us.

Eli and Brynne will be in their 5th/6th grade year next year. We officially promote in January.

Our curriculum choices are:


New Testament Overview, Grapevine Studies - Stick Figuring Through the Bible. We will continue with this much-loved curriculum. It will likely take us the majority of the year to finish it. It's a great way to start our morning.


McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader and McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader. Reading the Little House on the Prairie series really inspired me to have the kids do recitations from these classics. If it was good enough for the Ingalls girls, it's good enough for us. We will do this right after we finish our Bible lessons each morning.

Fix-it Grammar, The Nose Tree (IEW). We will complete The Nose Tree and then move onto the next level. This program has been a good fit for us as it involves literature, writing, and a slow-progression of learning grammar.

Soaring with Spelling, Levels 4, 5 and 6. Brynne has specifically requested that we go back to a formal spelling curriculum. She loves spelling. With an emphasis in writing, that we will begin in the next year or so, it's important that these kids can spell. Plus, the lessons are fun!

Writing. I will come up with a monthly writing assignment that goes along with our history or literature lessons.

Current Events

CNN Student News. Of course we will continue our year with a daily dose of Carl Azuz and his 10 minutes of current events and puns. We love this show! Hopefully we will get in our field trip to the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta next year.


Mastering 5th Grade Math, Volumes 2-4 (Fractions). We are finishing up Volume 1 and the kids have decided that they prefer the teaching methods of Jason over Mr. Demme in Math U See. I have to admit, he has a way of explaining it that seems to resonate with them. Why mess with something that is working.

Life of Fred, Fractions. Yeah, we are going to bring in some Fred. I like how the books use literature to teach math in real life. It will be a fun supplement to our weekly lessons and with Eli's personality I know that he will love the antics of Fred! Math can be enjoyable, you know.


Further Up and Further In. We had such success with Prairie Primer and the Little House series that we are going back to Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum. We will spend our year with C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia series. This will be our daily read aloud. The kids are very excited to read this series. It covers Bible, art, cooking, music, English, and reading. We discuss these things from the curriculum guide. But, we really use the guide primarily for the health and safety, geography/social studies, science, and history aspects. This is from where I usually draw our science topics for the year.


Further Up and Further In. I will draw our science topics from this study and then use various resources, primarily literature, to teach the topics. We try to do experiments whenever applicable and do science notebooking.


World War II Unit Study, self-prepared. Narnia is a fictional world. But it was written during World War II, so we will do an exhaustive study of this period in history. We are using World War II for Kids as our spine and will build on that with books, videos, activities, projects, games, and any field trips we can find. We will finish up the unit with a trip to the World War II Museum in New Orleans.


The kids will continue to read books of their choice. Brynne is pretty hooked on the Warriors series and there are a gazillion books in the cats series so she will be busy for a while. There is also a series involving dogs and bears from the same author that interest her. And she would like to read the other eras in the Little House series, The Rose Years, The Caroline Years, etc. I am trying to find a series that hooks Eli. He has already read all the obvious ones (Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants, Big Nate, George Brown Class Clown). I have picked up the first book in the 39 Rules series to see if he likes it. If we can't find something he chooses to read, I may just develop a list of books for boys and require him to read them.

And that's our proposed school year. It's pretty much what we are doing this year, but with switching from pioneer years and the journey westward to the world of Narnia. I know that it will be a good year because this was a good year.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Have you ever had to wear a uniform? If yes, tell us more. Did you love it or hate it?

Can you say double-knit polyester? When you are a 16 year old fashion guru wannabe of the 80's you do not want to have a job where you have to wear double-knit polyester pants! My first real job was at a restaurant that my grandmother managed at a hotel. Those pants. They were gray, high-wasted, with no pockets on the butt, and flared bottoms. And they had been previously worn by someone else. Ewwww!!!! A short time into that job the zipper broke in those pants. (Thank God!) My grandmother sent me to JC Penney to buy another pair. Darn, they didn't have any in my size (or so I said), so I bought a regular pair of gray cotton pants. I got away with wearing those the rest of my employ there. (fyi .. these pants are so disgusting that I couldn't even find an image to post!)

April 22nd is Earth Day. What is one thing you do personally to be a good steward of planet Earth?

I do two things consistently. I recycle everything I can. I have a separate basket in my kitchen where I put anything recyclable. Thankfully our little town has a recycle pick-up once a week. But even before then I took my recycling to a nearby town to their drop off location. I also compost. I save any scraps I can and put in my compost pile in my garden area. My mom also saves egg shells and coffee grounds for me to put in my compost.

Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous ... your healthy grain of choice? How often are one of the three on your menu at home? Given a chance between white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and fried rice which would you go for?

For healthy eating I eat brown rice, usually about once a week. I do like quinoa okay and will eat it occasionally. But if I got to choose and didn't have to worry about the after effects, I would totally choose white rice every time. It feeds my carb-loving soul. In fact, I could eat stir-fry with white rice every single day of my life.

In your opinion, who has the best job ever?

My husband would expect me to say my job, and he would probably be right. I get the pleasure to be at home (my favorite place to be) to take care of my family all day every day. Sure that includes cleaning up after them, but I wouldn't miss these years experiencing my kids' lives on the front row for anything. Other than that, I would say a travel blogger or writer. Getting to travel and write about the experiences would be amazing! I think I would like to write about how to travel frugally and experience the best of the off-the-beaten path activities.

What's a situation in your life currently requiring patience?

Oh, this child support issue. Next month it will have been in the courts for two years! Over a simple child support issue! Really we just want it over so that area of our life can be put away. It's just a stupid annoyance now, more than anything. I have definitely grown in patience, and have learned who and what are important in my life.

Do you live your life around days of the week? Explain.

Every day is Monday, or is it Friday? I can't remember. Most of my days seems pretty much the same. We do kind of live for the real Friday, though. Then it's the weekend, which we love, of course. Rick is home by Friday afternoon for the weekend. Typically the family is all here together having meals, watching movies, playing video games, destroying my house, having a good time hanging out together.

In a nod to the A to Z Challenge happening around town this month, what 'R word' best describes your April?

Running. Yes, I said it again. But I don't just mean me physically running. I also mean all the running around we are doing getting ready for our ultra-crazy May! The kids and I are working hard to get our schoolwork done for the year so we can take off the month of May. We are working to do some cleaning, purging, simplifying before the City Clean Up Days the first week of May (where we get to dump all our junk). I am scrambling to get our yard in order so that I am ready to plant my garden and flowers and such at the beginning of May. We are preparing for a 5K, a state bowling tournament, a high school graduation, a wedding, a vacation ... all in May. We are running Brynne to and fro to her actual running program and softball practice. We are running non-stop.

Insert your own random thought here.

I am having a love affair ... with coconut. I am obsessed with coconut oil and coconut/almond milk blend. They are so yummy, and healthy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat

This week Leslie at Time Out for Mom posed this topic: Tell me about a recent fear you have faced.

I only have two real fears and those are snakes and sharks. Thankfully I have not come face-to-face with either of them lately. I am learning more and more to trust God with His plan, no matter what it is, whether I like it or not, so I haven't been having any fears about life in general. That, too, is good.

So I guess I will write about my newest accomplishment, which has not necessarily been a fear but more like an obstacle I did not think I was capable of crossing.

I have accomplished my goal of becoming a runner.

I have mentioned this several times on this blog over the past couple of months, and I post about it a lot on Instagram (@nikki_taulman), so you might be tired of hearing about it. But it is truly something I am so proud to have accomplished!

Being a runner is something I have always wanted to do! I don't know why. In fact, when I see runners I always think how miserable they look. But I still wanted to be one!

When I was in high school I tried to run a few times. I gave it up quickly. I didn't actually even try again until about 5 years ago after we got Crusoe. When I took him for morning walks he would want to walk fast and would pull me, so I started jogging a little bit to give him some running time. That morphed into my starting a street-to-street interval lap around our neighborhood (1.8 miles) every morning. I would walk to the first cross-street, run to the next one, walk to the next one, then run, etc. From my house to the front of the subdivision was half a mile. So one day I decided to see if I could run to it. Then another day I tacked on a little more coming home. Then finally one morning I decided to try to run the full mile to the front of the subdivision and back. I got about 20 yards from the one-mile mark and Crusoe tried to stop and poop. I yelled, "Oh no you don't!" and drug him to that mark. I was so giddy and excited about running that mile that I know I looked like a goof!

Then we moved to Missouri and I gave up running. I rode my bike every morning and walked 3 miles with my mom and her friend, but no running. Yet so many mornings I wanted to take off jogging. The next year I decided I wanted to start training for a 5K that was going to be about a month later. I slipped going out to run a couple of days into that training and pulled a ligament in my knee. I was out of commission for about a year.

Late last summer Brynne and I started doing a little running using a Couch to 5K app on my phone. We got through about week 3 of 8. When volleyball practice started in the fall, we quit. Then a couple of months ago she started running in an after-school program called Girls on the Run which has a 5K scheduled on May 2nd. This was the motivation I needed to get back out there. So I grabbed my app again and picked up with week 4. At first I was about dying if I had to run a 5 minute stretch straight. But it wasn't long before I could run a mile straight, about 14 minutes (I run slow).

I ran a mile straight a few times and then one day I decided to try to extend that. I ran for 20 minutes straight. I tracked the distance and realized I had run 1.5 miles. Then I decided to really push myself just a couple of days later and see if I could make it to a designated spot I had set for myself. I truly thought I would pass out when I got to that spot. But I hopped in my car and tracked the distance and I had run 2.6 miles straight!!! I couldn't believe it!

The next day I made sure my running route was a full 3.1 miles and set out to run it. I did it in 38 minutes.

This was right after I ran 5K for the first time.

I had done it! The really cool part about it is that my 3.1 mile route has several declines and inclines, some steep and some long and gradual. It's tough! So I know that the 5K we will be running on May 2nd will be a breeze because it is on the Katy Trail and is all straight with no hills. Yay!

Now I am trying to get out and run the full route 2-3 times a week. It feels great and I crave it! There is about a mile stretch right in the middle of the run that is the most difficult. I get to a spot where I could easily turn right and head home. And it's right about there that I get in the zone and start feeling good. I always keep running, and when I stop I realize that I could probably run even further.

Wear your sunscreen when you run. That spot on my
nose is where I had to have a pre-cancerous spot

Running is just something that feels good when I am doing it and makes me feel good about myself. I  like it because I am not competing with anyone. It's just me and my goals. I have also been listening to Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I have decided that running will be my time to listen to those classics I have never taken the time to read.

I am planning to continue making running a priority in my life. I am scheduled for another 5K at the end of August. I hope to sign up for one every few months or so. But, for now, I am not planning on stepping that up to a 10K or half marathon or anything like that. I have no desire to try to reach those goals. For now I am just happy with the level of my physical fitness and how my body is reacting to it. The added bonus is how clear my mind feels, and how good I am sleeping at night.

I feel like a winner all the way around.