Thursday, July 28, 2016

Celebrating Bennett

Last weekend Kyndal's mother-in-law Pam, Collin's aunt Jeanette, and Collin's grandmother Karen hosted a baby shower for Kyndal and Bennett. It was a fun and special shower and Bennett received some great items!

32 1/2 weeks in this photo

Kyndal with Collin's Aunt Jeanette and Mother-in-Law Pam

The shower was a fishing theme and the ladies did some really cute decorating with denim, bobbers, and fish.

On the tables were raw wooden blocks and sharpie markers and the guests were encouraged to color the blocks for Bennett. They turned out so cute! What a special toy for him. There were blocks colored by Bennett's cousins, aunts, friends, grandmothers, great aunts, great grandmothers, great-great aunts and great-great grandmothers.

The food was delicious and the cupcakes were specially made by Collin's cousin Brea.

Kyndal felt very loved on by her family and friends and took home a truckload of great things to try to fit into Bennett's room.

Five generations in the making ... Bennett makes #5.

My Grandma Joan. Isn't she lovely?

Aunt Julie made the long trip from Oklahoma for the shower.

This little girl is getting ready to be an aunt.

Only 7 more weeks until her due date!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Part 2

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your summer so far? Why? (1=eh and 10=best summer ever)

I'd give our summer a solid 8, and that's pretty good since summer is my least favorite season. We have had some really great family time and have had a good mix of productivity and relaxation.

July 26th is National Aunts and Uncles Day. Did you have many aunts and uncles growing up? Were you especially close to any one or maybe all of them? Are you an aunt? Share a favorite memory relating to one of your own aunts or uncles or relating to a niece or nephew who call you Aunt.

I grew up in the town with my maternal aunt and uncle, so we spent a lot of family dinner time with them at my grandma's. That particular aunt, Aunt Rhonda, did not have children of her own so she spent a lot of time with us. She moved away a few years ago, but I still get to see her every couple of weeks when she comes to town for lunch at my mom's. My favorite memories are Christmas Eve with that aunt and uncle at my grandma's. I wasn't as close to my dad's siblings, but have always had good times when we have been together. My dad does have a half-sister who is only a month and a half older than me, so we spent a lot of time together as kids. I am Aunt to two nephews, four nieces, and one great niece. Being an Aunt is a lot of fun.

What's your favorite food dipped in chocolate? What your favorite food dipped in cheese?

Give me marshmallows dipped in chocolate and apples dipped in cheese fondu. Heck, let's just make a reservation at The Melting Pot so we can enjoy these things!

When were you last astonished by something? Explain.

When am I not astonished these days? I just don't get so much of what is going on in our world. This election, how Hillary Clinton isn't in prison let alone being allowed to run for President of our country, the back-stabbing division of our leaders, the violence, the pettiness, the hatred. I just don't know.

Surf board, paddle board, ironing board, Pinterest board, score board, clip board, bulletin board ... which board have you most recently encountered?

Out of these, it would be the Pinterest board. I have a lot of planning I am doing for school and our future so I am Pinning away these days. This is new territory for me. But the board I have encountered most recently is the long board that Dawson wiped out on last week and broke his clavicle. That's been a fun ride.

What's your favorite story from scripture? Why that story?

I have a few favorites ... Esther, Hosea, but my most favorite would be Ruth and Naomi. What's not to love about that story.

If you were to travel from the east coast to the west coast in your own country, which five cities would you most want to see?

Boston, Massachusetts
Charlotte, North Carolina
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Napa, California

Insert your own random thought here.

I just gotta share. In six months I will be in Hawaii visiting my good friend Cheryl! And I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I can't wait to live like a local, do some hiking, some running, and live the island life for a week.

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Part 1

Since I already had last week's Hodgepodge completed but never got it posted, here it is. This week's Hodgepodge will be posted later today.

Pokemon Go ... your thoughts? Are you playing? Do you even know what it is?

My 19 year old son Dawson has been an extreme Pokemon fan since he was a kid. In fact, he was Ash Ketchum for Halloween when he was 7, and I had to make him a handmade costume because there weren't any for sale. Catching Pokemon with Pokemon Go is like his childhood dream come true. However, he has not shut down the rest of his life to play it. No one else in the family is playing it. Brynne would like to, but she the only phone she could use would be mine and I do not have unlimited data. I've had to break her heart and tell her "no". I saw a video this week of hundreds of grown men and women swarming through a national monument site trying to catch a rare Pokemon and was astonished at how stupid they looked. I guess it's fairly harmless, but I did stop to think that it could cause major problems of trespassing and such. If I had a Pokemon in my backyard would I be okay with strangers coming onto my property to catch it? Probably not! If someone got hurt while searching for it, they would probably sue me for their injuries! This is one of those cases where the law is not up-to-date with the technological advances and people are too stupid, frankly, to follow the law that is there.

What was something you collected as a child? Do you still have that collection? If you're a parent what's something your own children collect(ed)? Have you ever camped out, stood in a crazy long queue, or paid a ridiculous sum for a collectible?

I wasn't a big collector, although I did have some china dolls. I do not have them anymore. Kyndal had some collections as a child but they were thrust upon her by family members. When we cleaned out our garage she got rid of all that stuff. Dawson collects lots of stuff ... posters, Pokemon stuff, Spiderman stuff, Game of Thrones stuff. He likes collectibles. Brynne does really collect anything, but does love her stuffed dogs. Eli goes through phases of things he is into, and right now he is collecting Nerf guns.

"Collect moments, not things" ... tell us about a moment you've added to your collection this summer.

The hike that Rick and I took in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was definitely a collection of moments I will always cherish. What a thrill!

What's something collecting dust in your home right now? Any plans to do something about it?

Other than my surfaces that are always collecting dust (I hate to dust!!), I'd say my flat iron for my hair! This summer has been a ponytail summer. I fix my hair about one day a week. I really need a haircut, then I might actually fix it more often.

A favorite song related to time?

Take your Time by Sam Hunt. I love Sam Hunt!!

What's been your most frightening or your most interesting encounter with wildlife?

I am not adventurous when it comes to wildlife. In fact, I am very cautious! When Rick and the kids swam with dolphins in Mexico several years ago, I opted for taking photos from the dock. Why? Because I had a fear of a great white shark getting in through the underground fencing into the aquatic park (thank you Jaws 3-D!). But, strangely, I did get up enough courage to swim with the stingrays when Rick and I were in Grand Cayman one year. It was exhilarating, and terrifying! I was still constantly looking around for sharks. But I am glad I did it.

On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong set his foot down on the moon. If you could travel to the moon would you go? Why or why not?

No moon travel for me. It's just not something I desire to do. Rick, however, would sign up to go in a nanosecond!

Insert your own random thought here.

My daughter and her husband have had quite a week. They have been under a lot of stress from Collin's brother's car accident, Collins' sister is due to deliver her baby any day (UPDATE: She had a healthy baby boy!), and then yesterday Kyndal started having contractions that sent her to the hospital. She is only 32 weeks pregnant so, obviously, we are not ready for Bennett to make his appearance. She has just started to dilate and is 50% effaced and was having contractions about 8-9 minutes apart. They gave her medication to slow her contractions and kept her overnight for observation. She was discharged today with orders for bed rest until her doctor appointment on Friday. Please join me in praying that she is able to continue to carry Bennett until at least 36 weeks. Also pray for Collins as he is meeting himself coming and going these days. (UPDATE: Contractions continue but baby is staying put.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I haven't posted since last week's Daybook entry. I did a whole Wednesday Hodgepodge post last Wednesday and just needed to add a graphic. Then life really happened with Kyndal spending a couple of nights in the hospital with contractions and Dawson taking a trip to the ER with a broken clavicle due to a long boarding accident. Then I just never got around to posting it. And we had family here this weekend and Kyndal's baby shower and a big family dinner Saturday night so there has not been time for posts. Now we've come full circle to another Daybook entry with no posts in between.

Looking out my window ... it's alternated between being sunny and overcast all day, but has been considerably cooler than last week.

I am thinking ... about the upcoming presidential election. Focus should be on the issues for how to make our country great, how to pull us out of this pit we are in, and how to protect us, but instead it is just clouded with corruption, media bias, and lies.

I am thankful ... that Dawson will not need surgery to put a plate in his clavicle and that it should heal okay on its own.

One of my favorite things ... is a morning routine before the kids get up when I can drink my coffee, have my quiet time, get caught up on the computer stuff, exercise, get ready for the day. But I am having an incredibly difficult time making myself get up to utilize that time. I am incredibly tired and can't seem to overcome it. I'm just going to have to make myself, I guess, and hope for the best. I hate feeling sluggish all day and unproductive.

I am creating ... meal plans for our annual lake trip that is next week.

I am watching ... dogs snooze on the couch next to me. They have not been helpful in making me feel motivated!

I am wearing ... a 5K t-shirt, black comfy cotton capri sweats, Nike flip flops. It's my second outfit of the day because I ran this morning and soaked my clothes with sweat. The temps are down but it's humid!

I am reading ... The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain. I haven't made much progress on this one this week because I have been almost too tired to read.

I am listening to ... Where'd you go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. This is my current running audio book. I've only listened to the first 30 minutes, but it's great so far!

I am hoping ... that Kyndal continues to have minimal contractions so that the baby will stay put for a few more weeks. Everything has settled down and she is doing well.

I am learning ... that my favorite wine from the Adam Puchta Winery is only available at the winery itself. But that is a 3 hour drive away. I fell in love with their Dry Vignole but only purchased one bottle while there and it's long gone. Now I can't get anymore unless I order it and the shipping costs are expensive. I'm sad.

In the kitchen ... is my vegetable basket full of zucchini, yellow squash, and spaghetti squash. I need to get it all cut and prepared for use.

In the schoolroom ... This will be our last week of school before our August break.

In the garden ... My husband worked in my garden for me on Friday afternoon and cleaned it all up. It looks so nice!! Thank you, babe!

Board Room ... Starting to Pin some school ideas, especially regarding interactive notebooks and STEM activities. I would like to find a way to incorporate more Legos into our STEM enrichment classes, and this activity looks promising.

Post Script ... 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water. Brynne and I were talking yesterday about how much she loves to drink water. Actually, three out of my four kids are good water drinkers, and the younger two prefer water to any other drink. It's because that's what we have made available to them, with the exception of some occasional apple juice and always milk. I am a water drinker and find all of the reasons stated in the article to be true.

Shared Quote ...

A Moment from my Day ... (not this day, but a day last week)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It's been forever since I have done a Daybook entry. Tuesday Coffee Chat has taken the rest of the summer off, so I am jumping back into a favorite from days gone by.

Looking out my window ... it's already muggy hot and sunny.

I am thinking ... about my Kyndal and grandbaby Bennett and hoping that he will stay put another few weeks. Kyndal started having contractions and cervical dilation yesterday and spent the night in the hospital to try to get her contractions to stop. She is only 32 weeks and Benny needs a few more weeks!

I am thankful ... for my husband and all of the ways he spoils me.

One of my favorite things ... is that amazing first cup of coffee in the morning. So, when I wake up and I hadn't set my timer the night before and that cup is not waiting to be poured the second I get out of bed, I almost start crying.

I am creating ... curriculum plans for our upcoming school year.

I am watching ... the Kansas City Royals try to pull themselves back up in the standings. We've had a rough few weeks, but last night's win against the 1st place Cleveland Indians should have put a little spring in their step!

I am wearing ... a pink "Gotta Run" tank, running shorts, my beloved Brooks running shoes. Just got done running.

I am reading ... The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain

I am listening to ... The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer. I listened to the majority of this one on our road trip to/from Oklahoma this past weekend. Now I am finishing it while mowing, running, etc. I am so glad I am listening to this book instead of reading it myself because I am enjoying the accents of the residents of London and Guernsey.

I am hoping ... and continually praying for the healing of my son-in-law's younger brother, Austin, who was in a serious car accident last week that has left him partially paralyzed. He has had pneumonia and some other complications with his lungs that have set him back. But, he is stable, is improving, and will hopefully be able to be taken off the ventilator and feeding tube soon. He is a strong young man, and is fighting hard!

I am learning ... that when I receive huge gifts from Rick, that I feel I don't deserve, that I hurt his feelings and steal his joy when I feel unworthy of receiving them. He has told me that these things are why he works so hard, so that he can, not only, provide for our family but lavish us with the things that we want. I hadn't considered that and really took that to heart. He does work really hard for us, to which I sometimes feel guilty. But, he actually does enjoy working hard and providing for us and giving us nice things. I will be more appreciative of that!

In the kitchen ... Things are pretty quiet right now, but this weekend we are having a full Christmas turkey dinner. Christmas in July!!

In the schoolroom ... We have this week and next before we take our August break. Each morning we will complete a page out of Learning Bridge 6-7, read aloud out of The Jungle Book, and read out of our personal books.

In the garden ... Oh, what a mess! My berries look good, I've got a patch of sweet potatoes, and I have a few herbs. But, what a jungle out there! I gotta do some work!

Board Room ... I have a private board going now called "Farm Living". We are making plans to move out onto some acreage in the next couple of years, so the ideas are swirling. Here's one of my Pins.

Photo Credit
Every authentic farmhouse needs a boxwood wreath!

Post Script ... 10 Ways to Give Your Kids an Honest-to-Goodness 1970s Summer by Melissa Fenton, Huffington Post. So funny and so stinking right on!!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Summer Week 6

Eli and Brynne did school in completely opposite ways this past week.

Brynne had volleyball camp at the University of Central Missouri from 9-3 Monday through Wednesday. She loves this camp and works hard to improve her skills every year. She did a great job! I always enjoy watching her doing what she loves.

While she was gone each day, Eli was home doing his own kind of schoolwork. He continued to work through Taken Charge by Galvanize Labs. This is a program I received for FREE from Homeschool Co-op. You can also utilize this great program for free through August 31, 2016!

Then he moved onto learning about astronomy with Extreme Phenomena by Home School Astronomy. (I will have a review of this product coming soon.)

He read out of his book Gregor the Overlander: The Curse of the Warmbloods by Suzanne Collins.

Finally, he watched a recorded episode of Brain Games. (We love this show!) There are four seasons on Netflix.

There is a part of me that misses the sweet, fun schooling activities I did with the kids when they were young students. But there is another part that is so thankful to be able to set up some lessons for the kids, leave them at home to do them, and know that they are getting completed.

If you read my Wednesday Hodgepodge this week, you learned that my son-in-law's younger brother was in a serious car accident this past weekend. Everybody has had to pitch in to help in this situation. While Kyndal and Collin have been at the hospital and with the family, we have been taking care of their dogs and their house. It's been a difficult week for everybody.

We decided not to do any schoolwork on Thursday and to sleep in a little later instead. The kids spent the whole day vegging out, and I went grocery shopping and helped Dawson set up his own cell phone account. Tomorrow the little kids and I are going to Oklahoma for the weekend to spend time with daddy, visit family, and go to the waterpark with our Okie besties on Sunday.

2016/2017 Hours Completed: 101 hours 15 minutes, with 52 hours 45 minutes outside the home.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

I'm getting my Hodgepodge answers up late this evening because we have had a crazy week! I'm in bed super early with my book, my crossword, and my computer, just chilling.

Do you find yourself influencing your world, or is it more the other way around?

I am a hermit, and I really do not let in a whole lot of the world. When I am out, I pretty much try to keep to myself. (I used to not be that way, but I totally am now.) My greatest sphere of influence would be my children, so I would say that I am influencing the world through them.

July 14th is National Tape Measure Day ... the device was patented on this date in 1868. When did you last use a tape measure? Do you always know where to find one in your house? Tell us one way in which you feel blessed 'beyond measure'.

A couple of weeks ago I used a sewing tape to measure the inseam of Chad, the friend of Dawson's who is now living with us. He was getting ready to start a new job and we needed to order him some khaki pants. He had no idea what size pants he wore, so we had to measure. That tape is usually in the hall closet or in the basket on my microwave. We have regular tape measures, but they are usually moved around and I don't want to look for them. There are so many blessings in my life, but I am feeling especially blessed as we (and by that I really mean Rick) are making huge strides toward pursuing a dream of mine. It's really going to happen, and without Rick and his love for me it never would have.

The Plaza Hotel (Eloise), The Land of Oz (The Wizard of Oz), Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia), The Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh), Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), or Never Never Land (Peter Pan) ... which storybook land (one this list!) would you most like to visit and why?

Definitely the peace, love, and serenity of The Hundred Acre Wood. I don't want to be anywhere hoity toity, scary, mystical, strange, scary, or dangerous. I do anything to create peace in my life.

Where and when do you get your best ideas?

In the mornings, in the shower or when putting on my makeup. I can solve all the greatest problems of the world in those moments.

So what have you been watching on TV this summer? Anything good?

I pretty much watch the Kansas City Royals play baseball every night. I think the only thing I have set to record on my DVR right now is Food Network Star and Chopped. If I am not watching the Royals then I am reading. And when they aren't playing good, which has been a lot lately, I read while the game is on.

'Don't swim for an hour after you eat', 'Dog days of summer', 'Knee high by the fourth of July' ... choose a summer saying from the list or share one of your own, then tell us what image or memory comes to mind when you hear it spoken.

"Don't feed a baby watermelon in its first summer." My mom has always said this because my Grandma Alice always said it. It's an old wives' tale, I guess. I have a feeling Bennett will be getting watermelon next summer because we all love it so much, especially his mama. Sorry Grandma.

In a simple sentence, sum up one life lesson you've learned.

This week I read a quote by Joyce Meyer ... "It changes everything in your life when you know that God loves you unconditionally." This is so true, especially when you realize that a good portion of those in your life, whom you expect to love you unconditionally, really don't. Knowing that God does takes away the pain.

Insert your own random thought here.

Please be praying for Collin's younger brother, Austin, who was in a serious rollover car accident on Sunday night. He received a spinal cord injury that has left him with paralysis from the waist down. He was severely burned on one of his arms, had a collapsed lung, broke his collar bone, and lost some teeth. We praise God that He is alive! He has had a spine stabilization surgery and will have a skin graft on his arm tomorrow. He has a very long road to recovery, but is a strong kid with a positive attitude so we know he will come through this just fine. Please pray that all infections will be kept at bay, that he will continue to heal, and that the poor prognosis in regard to his paralysis is just plain wrong! Also, Collin's sister Paige is due to deliver her second baby in the next couple of weeks. And, of course Kyndal is also pregnant and due in 9 weeks. This family has a lot on its plate right now. We would appreciate your prayers for all of the family .. Tracey and Pam (Collin's parents), Spencer and Paige, Collin and Kyndal, and especially Austin. Prayer works!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Summer Week 5

We had another perfect summer week of school. We celebrated the 4th of July on Monday with fun traditional activities at the park. Thankfully there was nothing else on our calendar for the rest of the week so starting Tuesday we were able to get our school work done each morning and relax in the afternoons and evenings.

In our Summer Bridge 6-7 we covered the following concepts:
  • Order from least to greatest
  • Ratios as fractions in simplest form
  • Ratios converting measurements
  • Algebra word problem
  • Portmanteau words
  • Map labeling
  • Writing sentences: complex, sentence with indirect object, compound sentence with prepositional phrases, compound subject and/or verb, sentence with two direct objects
  • Reading a graph
  • Correcting sentences with double negatives
  • Definitions in context
  • Creative writing
We even did a little math in our BFG reading because
it was exactly what we have been working on. I made
the kids do the calculations before I finished the sentences.

We finished The BFG and started The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. I cannot believe I have never read this classic. The kids don't like how different the movies are from the book, and I explained that the movies were just adapted from the first part of the book. About halfway through the book, the story of Mowgli ends and it moves onto other jungle stories, including the story of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

On Friday night we took the kids to see The BFG. We thought that it was an incredibly sweet movie, and it was very much like the book. I felt that it was beautifully done and I loved the Big Friendly Giant. He was adorable.

On Saturday morning we attended our first ever kids archery 3D shoot at a nearby archery shop and range. Both kids really enjoyed their time and are looking forward to learning a new skill attending more shoots. We were also connected with a homeschool group that has a weekly shoot so are going to join up with them in the fall.

Personal reading also continues for anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour a day.

This next week Brynne has volleyball camp at the University of Central Missouri Monday through Wednesday. Eli will be home with his checklist of schoolwork to accomplish while she is gone.

2016/2017 Hours Completed: 83 hours 15 minutes, with 43 hours 45 minutes outside the home.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

How did you welcome the month of July, and tell us one fun thing you did to celebrate the 4th.

On July 1st I jumped up super early to go for a run and then head out for my grocery shopping. After getting all the groceries put away I drove the hour to my parents' lake house (alone) and spent the rest of the day there and spent the night with my parents. The kids didn't want to go, and Eli was actually running a low-grade fever, so Rick stayed home with them. Every year our family goes to our local park for 4th of July festivities. The celebration has been going on for over 100 years. We do all kinds of traditional races .. egg races, sack races, egg tosses, softball throws, etc. This year Brynne won 3rd place in the egg race, Rick and Collin won first place in the egg toss, and Collin won first place in the softball throw. The 4th is also Collin's birthday, so Rick and I went with him and Kyndal out to a late lunch, for some browsing at Lowe's, and shaved ice. Then after we got home Rick and I went for a 9 mile bike ride.

Right now ... what's your favorite red thing? white thing? blue thing?

Well this is actually a hard one! Hmmm .... My favorite red thing would be my red paisley chair and ottoman in our living room. It's where I nest. My favorite white thing would be my new-to-me rooster coffee cup that says "Rise and Shine". And my favorite blue thing would be my new KC Royals stemless wine glass. Me ... with coffee ... or wine ... in my red paisley chair. That's says a lot, huh?

Wave the white flag, raise a red flag, fly your freak flag ... which 'flag' have you flown most recently? Explain.

Today I am waving the white flag. Yes I am. In just one night of sleep I had a sinus headache, some indigestion, recurring pain from a pulled muscle in my back, and some womanly stomach cramping. I was hot and then cold and then hot and then cold, and I dreamed wacky stuff all night. Basically I had a horrible night of sleep. I didn't work out this morning. Instead I am sipping coffee and doing this Hodgepodge. We have schoolwork to do this morning, but that can be done from the couch. Eli has speech therapy this afternoon, but that's it for us. Hopefully I'll feel better so I can get out and mow the yard this afternoon. Besides that, it's me and a book today.

According to Cond Nast Traveler these are the seven best places to visit in July: a boat safari in Botswana's Okavango Delta, Riviera Maya Mexico (it's whale shark season and apparently you can swim with them), Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, Pamplona Sapin (running of the bulls), St. Petersburg Russia, the Fuji Rock Festival at Mount Naeba Japan, the Salzburg Festival in Salzburg Austria. If time and money weren't factors would you want to see any/all of these? Which would you most like to see and why?

I have been to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in July and, yes, I would agree that would be the time to visit there. It still gets down into the 30's at night, so if you are camping make sure you have good facilities to keep you warm. If you know me at all you know that shark season in Mexico would be the last place you would find me. In fact, good tip that July is whale shark season because I will make sure I am never near Mexico again in the month of July, even though I am too scared to go in the ocean anyway (or lake or river or pool at night) for fear of being attacked by a shark. Out of the other places listed, I would want to attend the Salzburg Festival in Salzburg Austria. Austria would be a really cool place to visit.

Grilled cheese, pimento cheese, or mac and cheese ... your favorite from the cheesy treats listed?

Yum, pimento cheese! I love it on a sandwich with tomato or on celery sticks.

What makes you sweat?

Talking about sharks (see answer above). And speaking of sharks, anything having to do with politics. The thought of Hillary Clinton ... well, we'll just keep it there.

Your favorite movie with a 'patriotic' theme of some sort?

Forrest Gump. I was watching it the other night and just thought how all-American it really is.

Insert your own random thought here.

Although I am not working out today because I feel like ick, I have really been enjoying my workouts lately. I always do so much better when I am planning for something. I am going to run in the Kansas City Royals Charities 5K at the end of August, so that has me hitting the pavement even though it's hot most days. Rick and I are planning to ride in the Katy Trail Ride next summer (241 miles in 5 days) so we are riding our bikes more regularly. And now I am planning a trip in January to see a friend and we will hopefully be running in a 5K together and doing some hiking. Knowing I have events coming up helps me to stay on schedule. I turn 45 years old in less than a month (and will be a grandma in about 10 weeks!), and I am very happy with my activity level. Staying physically fit and strong in the last half of my life is important to me.