Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tuesday Coffee Chat

I realize it's Wednesday, but yesterday I never had a chance to sit down with my coffee and my computer at the same time. Today's question is a fun one, and one we should ask ourselves from time to time. It's good for the soul to be reminded.

What is the best compliment you've received lately?

Last weekend I went to visit a friend. While there we did some antique shopping, just browsing, really. I came upon an original Risk game with all of the pieces, in mint condition, for $15.00. On a whim I bought it for Dawson.

When I got home I texted him a picture of it. Soon, he made a post on Snapchat. In it, he called me a freakin' GOAT.

Now, I have been called lots of things in my life, most of which I will not mention here nor admit, but a GOAT is not one of them.

I had to go to the worldwide web to find out whether I should be offended, because generation gap! I was not offended. GOAT means: Greatest of All Time. And, not only did he think I was a GOAT, but he thought I was a freakin' GOAT!

Sometimes being a parent is a thankless job. Thankfully, I have kind kids and get a heartfelt 'thank you' pretty often. My adult kids even say nice things about me on social media from time to time. I feel very loved by my kids. But this little compliment is one that will definitely stick with me.


  1. This made me laugh, then smile so big! What a sweet boy!

  2. I've never heard that particular compliment either - maybe it's not used in Scotland but I'm definitely going to ask my teenage nephews if they've heard it. I think you should definitely hold that compliment dearly as I think it means that you're officially cool.
    Pamela @ Days of Fun

  3. LOL!!! I have never heard that! :)

  4. HA - as soon as I read that word, I was so happy for you!! Which might mean I spend way too much time on Tumblr, since I am fluent in kidspeak. LOL
    Definitely the one I would like to hear from my kids too, but I get random stuff like "best juice pop maker" or "your baths are always the right temperature, Daddy's are too hot." I'll take them all. :)


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